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What Are The Top Features Of Paxful Clone Script?

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Cryptocurrencies are ruling the digital world with their increased adoption. Investors and entrepreneurs are engrossed to invest in cryptocurrencies and are looking for the best crypto exchanges in the market. You can start your cryptocurrency trading by creating your own P2P Crypto exchange platform like Paxful with the readily available Paxful Clone Script. Paxful clone is the tailor-made cryptocurrency exchange script that comprehends all the indispensable functionalities and features. Get in touch with the certified developers and launch your P2P Crypto trading platform.

Top Features Of Paxful Clone Script

  • Multiple Payment Modes

           Our Paxful Clone script accepts around 350 payment options which help your transactions happen hassle-free.

  • Escrow based Trading Service 

           The escrow-based trading helps the end-users to sell, buy bitcoins in a secured way by avoiding phishing attacks.        

  • Enhanced Dispute Management           

           Paxful Clone Script is designed with refined dispute management to avoid any hurdles that occur when the transactions are held.

  • Advertisement Options

          The users can post ads to sell and buy bitcoins which makes the trade happen easily by availing the suitable cryptocurrency pairs.

  • Access to Full Source Code

          Paxful Clone Script is developed in such a way that the source code is open and the users can check through it if needed.

  • Gift Card Hub

         The newly introduced Gift Card Hub feature helps the users to list a minimum of 50 cards for sale and earn more cryptos.

  • Two-factor Authentication

        Two factor-authentication provides 100% security to your transactions and protects  them from ransomware and malware attacks.

Create a P2P Crypto exhange website like paxful that encompass all the necessary features and enhance your trading experience. 

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