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Maiar DEX Metabonding AirDrop Snapshot + Staking


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Hi Troops,

Just seen announcement on Maiar DEX for new Metabonding projects, which is fantastic announcment!

I have question maybe someone knows answer to, it regarding the snapshot for staked EGLD part, info is provided from the blog post https://elrond.com/blog/introducing-metabonding-community-building-for-web3-startups/ but one area seems to unclear will the snapshot for AirDrop be taken from only the Maiar App, or both Maiar APP and Elrond Wallet?

All my staking of EGLD is only on Elrond Wallet and I know few others have been asking same thing.

Any insight will be appreciated.

Stevie Snowball:classic_cool:

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Thanks Stakeking for getting involved, as yet no official replies regarding this issue, as time is running out! 

I prefer to use Elrond wallet along with my Ledger, at moment not using the Maiar mobile App, I like it, just that my current phone is piece of crap and needing to be replaced, probably will not be replaced until next month.

Lot of chatter on YouTube, one guy indicates as long as EGLD staked on the Elrond Blockchain from wallets (Not Exchange) we should be fine. Again this needs to be confirmed by Elrond team!

watch from timestamp 10:41 minutes:



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