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Used Invite Lists in Maiar App

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Please can we have a list in our Maiar App showing Hero Tags of users that have signed up using our invite links. 

I want to be able to see who used my invite links so I can send them some $EGLD when they have thier Wallet setup... I won't always know who used my link, nor will I see them in my "Invited Contacts" list so I can distinguish those folks that used my invite link, seperatly from other existing contacts that are in my device address book. 

I hope that makes sense. Margarita Paws asked me to submit this. He understands my request too, chat to him, if what I said here doesn't make sense please. 


Keep up the Great Work


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I also have my own ref link and I have invited several people
but it's not clear what sense the ref link has if it is not associated with the maiar app
explanations thanks !!

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