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Impossible to connect to launchpad with Maiar

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Hi guys!


I just tried to connect to the new launchpad, itheum, on the maiar launchpad website, but each time I click on the "maiar" link in the connections options, the page with the qr code shows up and freezes.


Nothing happens, it just says "chrome doesn't respond" and if I wait, nothing happens anyway.


I'm on Android.

I use Chrome.

I emptied the cache, I tried to restart the phone, I tried brave browser, maiar browser.

None worked.

Maiar exchange works as usual, everything else where I can connect with Maiar work as expected.

Everything is up to date.


Nonetheless, once, I managed to get the maiar link to open my Maiar app (after many trials and freezes)


But as usual, the connection didn't work the first time, so I went back to chrome and it freezed again.


Since then, nothing.


Can you help?


I'm used to the thing never working properly, each time I want to connect somewhere I need to try many times and go through many disconnections and apps closing themselves, that's at least what I expect, but here this is just plain impossible.

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I'll try to give further informations after all:


My old phone is/was a Crosscall action X3, "french" brand focused on building unbreakable phones, and honestly it is, but it also is a three years old phone now, running with an Android 7 OS and 3go of ram.


Nothing was displayed properly when using maiar:


NFTs not showing in the app

multiple disconnections/lags when I tried to connect anywhere, as said above, but it was working.



These days the phone was starting to restart itself anytime.

The updates where just worsening things.


For a long time I knew a huge majority of the flaws where coming from the phone being old, so I was ok with them since it was just a bit longer to do things, but not worth 700€ of spending on a new phone.


But after all that pain, my guess was, my phone is absolute undersized hardware garbage, I'll need a new one ASAP.


I bought a google pixel 6, (not financial advice, nor product placement), on what I believe is the latest version of Android, and now everything looks like black magic as it's all so flawlessly working!


So, here's an advice I never heard from all these "not financial advisors" giving financial advices:


Before applying to buy crypto, buy a piece of hardware up to date that works 😂

It will probably save you the time you need to earn money and buy more crypto at the end!



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