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Maiar App message to invited future maiar user, with my added value attached to the message for increased incentive and adoption potential.


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My idea is this:  When I select someone's phone number who hasn't joined Maiar, an I'd like to send them money, then a message, similar to the message sent to invite someone to Maiar, pops up, and they can install their app, and also accept the eGLD that I send them.  This way, there's a huge incentive for them to join, because their money is waiting for them.

This actually happened today.  I have a dog groomer, and she is into crypto.  She didn't know about eGLD and Maiar, and wanted to learn more.  She said she'll join soon.  I plan to send her her tip via Maiar app, and in eGLD so she can have some coin in the game.  She was excited about it, but I certainly see a hurdle for her when all she sees in my invite is to save $10 on her purchase of eGLD, when the incentive really should be $20 (the tip I intend to send), and the $10 off on future eGLD purchase..

I could see this really helping adoption, and for the app to go viral.


Best Regards, 


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