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New Maiar Release and NEW FIAT ON-RAMP: TRANSAK!

Lucian Todea

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:m: New Maiar Release and NEW FIAT ON-RAMP: TRANSAK!
The latest Maiar release adds Transak as fiat on-ramp. This is complementary to MoonPay and offers additional options for payments, such as bank transfers. 

Digital banking platforms such as Revolut can be used with Transak to purchase EGLD with a near instant bank transfer - check out this community guide: https://medium.com/@disruptivedigital/fastest-and-smartest-way-to-buy-elrond-erd-d4ac9b7b55b2.

:robot_face:  Android V1.0.50

• Added bank transfers for the supported countries
• Updated Wallet Backup
• Updated Amount selector screen
• Fixed empty state bug in Vault and Wallet screens

:green_apple:  iOS V1.0.10 (6)
• Update buy flow - additional on-ramps added
• Mark all items as read once visible in Notification screen
• Add thousand separator on amounts

:hammer_and_wrench: Bug fixes and improvements
• Fix the issues that happened in app when restoring iOS to a new device
• Fix some crashes that happened when saving or fetching contacts
• Remove duplicate activities when there are pending transactions
• ReSync pending transactions with blockchains after 10 minutes
• Fix an issue that could affect mismatching results while searching for herotags
• Fix a crash that could happen when ETH balance was lower than network fee
• Add pull to refresh on profile screen
• Request verify iCloud backup after 24 hours after installing the app
• Fix “Set your eGold target” activity status after importing an existing account
• Improve “Less”/“More” buttons visibility on transactions data fieldsTake back time with Maiar

Get Maiar on your mobile from https://maiar.com/

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