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Maiar NFT !! interoperability with other blockchain, the key to success

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Today, I saw the announcement about NFT inside Maiar, but I didn't find more details about the subject.

The most important thing is the interoperability  with other Blockchain, especailly "Ethereum" and " Flow Blockchain "


Because the biggest NFT projects are built on Ethereum or Flow Blockchain "the famous NBA snapshot"

How Maiar will help to amplify NFT?

As a simple user, Let say I have so many NFT in differents blockchains "Ethereum and Flow.... ", and I can secure and keep all my NFT in one place , this place called "Maiar"

As an artiste, with just an "Herotag", my fans and followers can easely find me and all  the NFTs I built, and buy them.

This is my point of view, how Maiar can amplify the NFT world.
Let's share our ideas, to make Maiar the best crypto app.


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