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HeroTag / Elrond DNS Name Interception from any app on a Mobile Device with Maiar installed

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Hi Maiar Team - Congrats on hitting 400k Users today!!

I had an idea for you guys, I'm not even sure its possible, but in my own mind I can think of at least one way that could be possible - here goes :

So Maiar is installed on a Mobile Device, just like any other app.

When a person hits a link somewhere in any app on the phone, it triggers a "open with" default app request to launch, in order to service that open link request.

I would like to know if you could find a way, that would be able to ask the device "Which App do you want to open this type of link with?"

when someone clicks a link that has the format of "xxxxxx.elrond"

This would then allow say, a chap named "Jonny", to type in a Twitter tweet/message (for example) and in his message also stipulate "johnny.elrond" 

so like this :

"Hi people, my dog is going to a competition today and needs a new a new leash and collar. If you would like to help me get him a new collar and leash, please send some $EGLD to my Elrond address which is : 'johnny.elrond' thanks in advance"

And as people read that tweet, they see the address 'johnny.elrond' (without the herotag '@' sign) but still fully qualified with the root domain name .elrond

then Maiar tells the phone to identify MAIAR with any link clicked that is of the type 'xxxxxx.elrond'

If that makes sense?


Basically make our Elrond  HeroTag DNS Address's be able to trigger Maiar to open directly from such links clicked in any app on the device?

A message on Facebook/FB Messenger, or an email or a tweet on twitter where ever - Super Smart that would be!

I think this would be awesome :)

What do you guys think?



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