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Passphrase hacked

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Hello everyone.

I need urgent help regarding a monumental mistake I made. I entered my passphrase on a site that I thought was secure, communicated by a hacker posing as a member of the itheum project management team on the itheum telegram. He has destaked my EGLD and risks stealing my wallet in 9 days if he allows my EGLD to be sent before me to his address. I naturally created a new address towards which to send my EGLD as soon as they are taken but I risk losing everything. Is there a solution to prevent this misadventure? Defi would not be serious if it did not offer a solution for a probable hack known 9 days before. I have 9 days left before the destake. Please help me. You have the right to insult me as a stupid guy, just know that I have already drunk this insult many times since yesterday. Thanks in advance for your feedback.
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