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Request invite code for beta access to Maiar (iOS or Android)

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Usually access in this phase to the beta version is done in waves to those that registered on the waiting list on maiar.com.  But for those who do not want to wait, found out later, etc. they hav

Hi! I've been following and investing into the project, and now look really forward to try out your Maiar wallet. Over the last few years I've been using and testing a lot of different walle

Hi Lucian, I’m a Fintech executive working in Financial inclusion projects for South East Asian countries helping the unbanked and underbanked in this region get help with loans and understanding fina

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Hi! I just saw your presentation vidéo, and it made me very ,enthusiastic. I would like to have the privilege to be one of the early testers.

I am also developer and after watching your video, I had a big question about the phone number authentication maybe you already answer it elsewhere, but I didn't find.

So how you handle when a cellular company attribute my cellphone to an other user and this user also create maiar account, I suppose without problem that it will create a new empty wallet with new seed and private keys. And in my side I could restore my wallet with a new phone number, but what if one of my friends attempt to send money to my old number?


Thanks for your attention, your project is amazing!

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Bonjour la team, je vous contacte de Tahiti en Polynésie Française pour vous demander l'accès à la version bêta test de cette application qui pour ma part sera une des favorites dans quelques années dû à la rapidité de transaction promise. Merci de m'envoyer les codes d'accès afin d'être parmi les bêta testeur. Maururu. 

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Hello Gentlemen

I am a 52 yr old gen x father of 2 in LA.  I am convinced that EGLD is going to change the world and have have been educating anyone I meet to read, educate, become aware of the Elrond ecosystem and the amazing possibilities that exist with Maiar and EGLD. I would be grateful and excited to participate in this incredible revolution. I hope I can get an invite ASAP!

Thank you!

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I would be very honored to get invited into the Maiar App. Im developing test equipments for factories in my daily job, and Im used to test numerous kinds of software and platforms, and writing manuals and guidelines for them all the time. Besides, I have in my spare time made some useful guidelines for newbies into the crypto world and would like to find the best options for people to save and store their money, and in general just becoming smart and avoiding scammers :).

I have debunked a lot of scam crypto projects, and I would therefore also be able to verify if Maiar is a scam in my crypto guides, and be able to see  how Maiar is working and to be able to see for myself how to use it for its full potentiale. In Denmark where I live, we use MobilePay a lot for FIAT transfers between people with great success, and I see Maiar as a direct mirror of this into the crypto world with enormous potentiale. 

Hope to be able to join the early testers.


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Hi, I received an e-mail referencing this post, as I have been interested in accessing your beta since hearing of it.

I am without any technical qualifications in so far as providing you a reason technically, might qualify me for access, however, I am DeFi, Crypto and Blockchain Degen 🙂 and prior to Trading and investing in cryptocurrencies and Defi full-time, I day-traded independently on the stock markets.
I possess a keen sense of business and trends, love technology, and especially as pertains to the realm of Blockchain and finance, wherein it’s nature is constructed for the purpose of leveling the playing field for all human-beings, by way of providing the potential for any individual to become financially independent and autonomous, from the centralized powers that have long manipulated the masses by denying them access to financial tools and autonomy, that is now accessible within the aforementioned realm.

It would be worth you while to have me as a beta-tester, because I spend all of my days and nights consumed and immersed in exploring these platforms, and am intimately familiar with many features that are and are not useful, helpful, and otherwise indispensable. I am also a user of your browser, it is my favorite, and given your grand and bold claims would like the opportunity to peruse your platform, and see if it stands up to it’s claims. Further, any information sought concerning my user experience, will be provided thoughtfully and promptly, whenever necessary.

John K.


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Salutari eu sunt Anto. As vrea sa solicit o invitație pentru a putea folosi aplicatia Maiar. Doresc sa mentionez ca sunt inca o newbie in materie de crypto dar asta nu ma impiedica sa vreau sa invat de la cei mai buni. De mult timp urmaresc Elrond (sunt din Sibiu de aici si interesul)  si vreau sa ma bucur de toate produsele pe care aceasta companie le are. Am investit in moneda eGLD suficient cat sa ii motivez si pe altii and so far so good raman optimista 🤞🏼

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