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Request invite code for beta access to Maiar (iOS or Android)

Lucian Todea

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Buna ziua, Lucian! In primul rand sunt mandru pentru ca pot scrie acest post in romana considerand din toata inima ca Elrond va rezolva atatea probleme peste tot in lume. De la noi din tara va pleca noul sistem economic, este de neinchipuit.

Desi am investit in Elrond si voi investi in continuare, sunt constient ca nu asta conteaza si cel mai important este ca aveti incurajarea noastra sa treceti peste orice obstacole.

M-as simti ca parte din echipa daca as putea folosi aplicatia Maiar! Si as actiona ca atare.


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Your project is amazing, i believe in few of projects but elrond is best project.

Finally a project with a roadmap business / technical fusion (And not only business, that change) . Elrond is a complete project  with a real vision to the future.

 i'm interressed for maiar application invite

and i hope success to elrond, egld and maiar. 





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Hello Lucian, 

Hello Lucian,  How are you ? Do you like pizzas? I really love pizza, if maybe it would be super cool to have access. Between people who love pizzas. Otherwise I also like web development and video games, if in doubt.

Best wishes !

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Longer version to my previous post... 

Almost two years ago when I first heard about egold/elrond I gave you like no chances to be where you are now. 

Last year I stopped being ignorant and I started to get my own research and start to learn new things. The crypto market and blochchain for me is a perpetual learning effect. As a finance guy(with experience in financial audit and comercial) it's challenging due to the fact I have more knowledge about the soon obsolete "real/old world" I understand the term of "trust" at his highest point.

I start to build a lot of trust in you and your brother Beni. You make the perfect team.. Tech and finance also you past experience at Etherium. 

 The projects I pay attention are AGI(singularity net), polka-dot and Elrond. 

Yesterday I discovered the Maia app and I'm thrilled to try it. 

Hope I'll get the invite code.. If not all the best.. Hope that you can take Etherium place in long term 5-10 years. 

My bets are with Elrond team on long term!  Sibiu is lucky to have this team! 


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Hey Elrond/Maiar Innovators: I am passionate about #Blockchain and #Salsa! Active on social media @crypto_salsa and a resident of the world's city, #NYC Beniamin Mincu has what it takes to make a huge splash and change the world. Count on me for anything I can help with, including adding some buzz an virality to your app launch! Yours in Crypto/Salsa, CharlitoNYC.

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I am new in this world and with all of this  I was very quickly attracted by all that means Elrond. I already invest in and for sure  I will not stop here.  The entire concept sound so well! You are doing great job!!

Best regards

Dan M.

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