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Request invite code for beta access to Maiar (iOS or Android)

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I already use Maiar since the start and gave a lot of feedback on it since the first days using the internal chat. Some I believe were useful enough. I have done beta testing (out of hobby) also for Revolut in the early days and they did implement some of my ideas. I like Maiar and the whole Elrond project to dedicate some time to it and be a part of the wave. 

cheers to all!

Proud of you guys!


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Usually access in this phase to the beta version is done in waves to those that registered on the waiting list on maiar.com.  But for those who do not want to wait, found out later, etc. they hav

Hey guys, I'm the coder of the Sting desktop wallet for Elrond (https://sting.erd.dev). I'm super excited to try out Maiar, but in addition I'd like to play around with it to a) look into integrating

Hi! I've been following and investing into the project, and now look really forward to try out your Maiar wallet. Over the last few years I've been using and testing a lot of different walle


I’m working on integrating a Maiar login flow on my app. Is there a way to get an invite so that I can test it on the testnet instead of using my mainnet account ?

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