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Allowing change of staking providers without 10 days unbounding period


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Is it possible to allow change of staling providers without the 10 days unbounding period?

This would help to protect the egld holders and also ensure that the validators strive to provide quality service while balancing their cost. 

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I don't think it's a good idea, because:


Imagine you're a staking provider, you have a node with 2500 egld, in a moment you will find yourself with less then 1250Egld in your node, all the people left your node to join another staking provider, so your node get jailed ....

Imagine people changing the staking provider each day, this will harm a lot of nodes, and cause a serious problem to the security of the network.

The 10 days are good to  security  the network.


If the security of the network comprised, the project will go down, and the price of egld too.

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