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Bug displaying transactions with friends


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Description of the issue: 

When I go to the "contacts" section, I open my contact and select "transactions", I see the transactions I have with him. But if, they leave this screen open, I lower the notification curtain, and from the smartphone menu I switch to "dark mode", here I actually see my personal transactions in my contact's transaction menu. Same thing if you switch from dark mode to light mode.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Launch Maiar; 
2. Contacts;
3. Open a Maiar friend;
4. Go to "transactions";
5. Switch to the dark mode of your smartphone;
6. Return to view the transactions with your friend in Maiar.

Actual Result: I view my personal transactions. Look at the attached screenshots

Expected Result: View transactions with my friend.

Reproduces how often: Each time it switches from light to dark mode and vice versa

Maiar Version: v 1.1.32

Reproducible on current live release: Yes

Additional information:

Smartphone: Xiaomi Mi 9T 

MIUI: Global

Android: 10 QKQ1.190825.002

Patch android: 2021-01-01





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