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NFTize Your Elrond Experience: Stickers (NFTs?)

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The Maiar app has 'stickers' as we all know.

Upon the launch of the DeFi release version, upgrade the 'stickers' by being able to convert them to NFTs within each Maiar wallet.

These NFTs may include such benefits as: Airdrops, bonus staking modifiers, reduced staking unlock times, lotteries etc.
(There's endless possibilities here to adapt NFTs into the Maiar space)

These stickers must be say 30 days old, and LOCKED to that specific account. This prevents abuse and unfairness (people creating multiple accounts and sending eGld between them to 'farm' the NFTs).

A lot more thought and planning would need to go into this.
I think it would greatly improve adoption however. Especially if the stickers are 'limited' in quantity or time frame.
Say every 3-6 months a new 'series' of 'stickers' is released with slightly less benefits each time, and the previous set concluded.

This rewards long term investors, and entices new adoption of the platform at the same time.

Thoughts on this?


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