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Imagine giving developers an integration library that they can use in their applications. This will skyrocket the adoption now and not next year. I imagine something like GoogleFirebase libraries (https://rnfirebase.io/) but it would be nice if it could be used with Expo and not having to do multiple hacks in order to be used on Android and IOS. It should just work. Also it should contain some basic functionality
- authenticate using Maiar
- deploy contract. 
- sign smart contract transaction
- send egld to someone

End to end instructions on how this should be used should also be on top of the priorities list. What good is having a good system if as developer you need to be rocket scientist and you have documentation so fragmented that you have to invest hundreds of hours in developer forums or telegram groups to figure out how something should be done. 

People love Maiar and it would be nice for us as developers to be able to leverage this in our React and ReactNative applications (or native ones). We will bring so much adoption together that the entire humanity will be taken by storm. 

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I wholeheartedly back the sentiment expressed in this post. Many of us who are, for example, iOS developers, or hindered and expressing very creative ideas because of the extraneous knowledge required to actualize apps that use block chain as the base of the app. Once integration is made in a functionally simple manner, expression of creativity and the subsequent explosion of the Elrond ecosystem will be stunning.

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