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Sent a Binance-Peg Ethererum to my Maiar ETH wallet


Hello, I am a great supporter of the Elrond community and I downloaded the Maiar app which is working fine on my phone.

I recently started to migrate my tokens to the maiar wallet. I sent my Binance-Peg ETH from Metamask to my Maiar wallet. Till now, it says it was successful but I do not have it in my wallet.

I sent my BTC from Binance and I got that in my Maiar wallet.

As at now, I am unable to access my wallet on the maiar app. I have deleted the app and reinstalled but whenever I click on the wallet. The whole app closes.

Is there a way out? I would be glad to know.

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You have chosen different network (BSC) for transferring ETH, that's why you don't see them in Maiar. To transfer ETH from Binance to Maiar you have to select ETH native network.

I can advice you on how to recover your funds:

  1. Go to Trust Wallet and create a wallet base on binance smart chain
  2. Log in with your recovery phrase from Maiar (24 words)
  3. You'll be able to see your funds there and you can do the swap on Binance or in trust wallet choosing from Binance Smart Chain to ERC-20
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