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What are the business benefits of the Remitano clone script?


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Remitano clone script is a ready-made P2P exchange script that enables peer-to-peer transactions among buyers/sellers with an exclusive wallet for storage like Remitano exchange.

It helps the business people to generate revenue in more than one way such as trading fees, run ads on their platforms, promotions, and much more.

Let's dive into the topic...

The business benefits of our Remitano clone script

Our Remitano clone script benefits both Admin and users.

For Admins

  • Admins can access user's profiles, transactions history, and block any users in case of malicious activities.
  • Admins can automate KYC/AML verification through software integration to verify all the users
  • Multiple revenue systems including commission fees, listing fees, and premium fees can be imposed by Admins
  • Admins can instantly permit traders to sell tokens on the exchange platform
  • Admins can offer crypto trading options like binary trading, margin trading, etc to traders.

For users

  • Users can list their token easily by filling a form in the crypto exchange platform
  • Users can avail themselves of the profitable affiliate program
  • Users can earn extra money through a referral program
  • Users can leverage through IEO willingly

These are the benefits you can get to create a P2P crypto exchange platform with our Remitano clone script.

Why choose WeAlwin as your development partner

At WeAlwin Technologies, we situate our team of blockchain developers who collaborate with the blockchain industry and offer a world-class Remitano clone script to start a P2P crypto exchange platform instantly.

Below are a few reasons why global clients choose us for their P2P crypto exchange development partner.

  • Experts in blockchain and crypto technology
  • High quality
  • Multiple device compatibility
  • Rich functionality
  • High security
  • SEO friendly
  • 24/7 support

The best in class customizable Remitano clone script of the decade. now at an affordable price.

Get it right away!!

Email - sales@alwin.io

Telegram - @AlwinTech_Blockchain

Skype - live:sales_96786 


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Remitano clone script is a pre-designed P2P crypto exchange clone software that helps to develop a stunning P2P crypto exchange equivalent to the existing Remitano. With the help of the Remitano clone script, more advanced features and security options can also be included. The premium Remitano clone script comes with many benefits.

Some of the benefits are mentioned below:

  • Easy Customization:

With the help of the Remitano clone script, you will be able to make customizations to your crypto exchange like adding your business logo, enhancing the visuals to the exchange, and much more.

  • Faster deployment:

Normally you would be spending around 6 months to deploy a fully functioning crypto exchange like Remitano. But when you go with the Remitano clone script, you would be able to deploy it within a week. This clone script is pre-developed and tested completely which makes this possible. 

  • Cost-Effective:

When compared to other ways of developing a crypto exchange like Remitano, Choosing the Remitano clone script is considered to be the most effective way. You will be spending only about 15% of the cost that is to be spent on scratch.

  • Add-on Features: 

By using the Remitano clone script, you will be able to develop a crypto exchange with similar functions to the existing Remitano exchange. Also, you can add more features to the exchange as per the business requirements.


These are some of the reasons why entrepreneurs are interested in starting their own crypto exchange like Remitano using the Remitano clone script.

But many of the entrepreneurs/startups lag at this point because of the confusion running out in their heads like, How much does it cost? and Where to get this Remitano clone script?

Generally developing a crypto exchange with the help of Remitano clone script may cost you around $7K, but this is not a fixed cost. The development cost completely relies on the customizations and requirements you make to your crypto exchange. Wondering which crypto exchange clone script provider offers this featured pack Remitano clone script at an affordable price.

In today’s crypto market there are a lot of crypto exchange clone script providers available to deliver this Remitano clone script. But not everyone seems to be the best provider. Basically, a lot of analysis is to be made before selecting a crypto exchange clone script provider. Don’t worry, You are not gonna suffer handling these tricky kinds of stuff, because I’m here to simplify this whole process for you.

After analyzing multiple crypto exchange clone script providers, I hereby suggest Coinsclone. They have 5+ years of experience in crafting various crypto exchange projects and have delivered 100+ crypto exchanges to their valuable clients globally. 

If you are interested in making a deal with them, then Get in touch with their experts right now!

Whatsapp: +91 9500575285

Skype: live:hello_20214

Mail Id: hello@coinsclone.com

For instant live demo >>>>> Remitano clone script  

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In this ever-growing modern ecosystem, cryptocurrencies are playing a crucial role. As a result, cryptocurrencies have turned tables across the financial & business world along with creating a lot of business gates for numerous business startups & entrepreneurs. One of the most preferred & notable businesses is the “Cryptocurrency exchange/trading business”. Infact, it is a profitable business model in the crypto space. However, starting a crypto exchange platform by using a cryptocurrency exchange clone script is the smartest way. In comparison with any other way, crypto exchange clone script is the feasible way to develop & launch a crypto exchange business. This way of developing a crypto exchange has a lot of business benefits and here I’ve listed some top benefits.

  1. Scalability - It has a high customization scope, so you can modify the features, visuals, etc, and build your cryptocurrency exchange platform based on your business needs.
  2. Monitor and Engage - You can easily oversee the work process.
  3. High-ROI Features - You can integrate many ROI features at a budget-friendly price.
  4. Beta module - You can test your exchange in the Beta module
  5. Cost-effective - The cost of development will be around $ 7k - 12k(it may vary based on the requirements).
  6. Time-Period - You can launch your exchange within 1 week.
  7. Fully tighten security, adv trading features, & much more.

Well, these are some highlighted benefits for entrepreneurs & startups who implemented crypto exchange clone script for launching a crypto exchange. But, you won’t get all these benefits from all the script/software providers. All crypto exchange clone script providers are not promising script/software providers and the current market is filled with many inexperienced clone script/software providers. So, choosing the feasible crypto exchange script provider is a much more important task. But, that is no walk in the park. To overcome this kind of problem, I’ve run some analysis to find out the best crypto exchange clone script provider in the crypto space. At the time of analysis, I got a huge list of crypto exchange script providers. I’ve segregated the list into various criteria and found one crypto exchange clone script/software provider (CoinsQueens) that got my attention. So, I took a deep dig & have collected some details about them.

CoinsQueens is the prominent bitcoin exchange script provider in the current market. Till now we’ve successfully launched 50+ crypto projects (Crypto Exchange, Wallet, Payment Gateway, NTF Marketplace, & more) for our clients.. Their script/software are 100% customizable, secure, & adv trading features. And, They offer their scripts at a budget-friendly price.

If you’re interested in doing business with them feel free to contact their business experts via,

WhatsApp/Telegram: +91 8754053377

Mail ID: sales@coinsqueens.com

Skype: live:.cid.2c9e7bb84396db52

For a Free Demo, Check Here >>> Remitano Clone Script

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