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Restore to iPhone 13 ProMax from Apple Backup


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Description of the issue: 

I restored my iPhone 12 Pro Max backup from my Apple Mac to my iPhone 13 Pro Max and Maiar appeared to work for about 12  hours ish. 

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 

1.  Backup iPhone 12 Pro Max to Apple Mac with encryption (no iCloud backup of Maiar app data).

2.  Setup new iPhone 13 Pro Max and activate.

3.  Restore iOS backup to newly purchased iPhone 13 Pro Max.

4.  Maiar and all other apps downloaded from App Store.

5.  After 10 minutes Maiar is installed and shows my balance and hero tag and contacts and transactions.

6. Successfully signed testnet-Maiar exchange transactions for swap and farm.   Never tried to send any mainnet transactions.

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):  After 12 hours mainnet balance was zero in Maiar but normal on mainnet explorer. 

Expected Result:  Normal balance 

Reproduces how often: Nope, did not try.

Maiar Version (See the About Maiar page in the Settings menu): Maiar release - on iPhone 13.  iPhone 12 not sure.

Reproducible on current live release (yes/no): Did not try to restore iPhone from backup.  Reinstalled Maiar after hard delete.

Additional information: Moved from iOS 14 to 15.  Did not backup Maiar to iCloud encrypted backup.

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I recovered from this by deleting the app and reinstalling from App Store. Tried to download encrypted backup from iCloud to confirm that none existed (this failed as expected).  Used 24 word pass phrase and everything worked fine.  But it is a possible bug. 

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