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why should you start a crypto exchange?


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Here I come up with one of the most interesting and trending topics in the crypto market - crypto exchange.

Crypto exchange is not a new term for traders and traders are showing huge interest in crypto exchange platforms. It helps them to reap profits with a small investment. Therefore, the demand for crypto exchange is getting bigger day by day. Considering these factors, we can say that it is the right time for you to start an exchange business and make excessive profits from it.

Now, let us see about the revenue earning factors of crypto exchange

Generally, by starting a  crypto exchange, you can generate revenue in the following ways 

Trading fees
Withdrawal fees
Listing fees

Trading fees

Here you can charge fees for each trade. The fees may seem small per transaction but when its volume range gets high, you can make a lucrative amount of profit.

Listing  fees

Listing fees may vary depending on the size and popularity of the crypto exchange. Let us see about the  price variant from small to large exchange

Small exchanges may charge listing fees from 1- 5 BTC
The medium size exchanges would charge listing fees from  10 to 15 BTC
Large exchanges will charge listing fees from 1 million to 2.5 million 

Withdrawal fees

After buying the cryptocurrencies, users would withdraw their cryptos into non-custodial wallets. For the withdrawal process, you can charge the withdrawal fees and by doing this, you can earn a huge profit.

I hope now you got the idea about why to start a crypto exchange. But before stepping into this business. you should have some awareness of the important steps to follow for starting a crypto exchange. By knowing them, you can launch your exchange platform successfully.

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Hi entrepreneurs and startups! 


A cryptocurrency exchange is a trading platform that allows users to buy/sell cryptocurrencies. Many new people are showing interest to trade with cryptocurrencies. That's how crypto exchange emerged as a profitable business model. A cryptocurrency exchange is one of the roaring businesses in the crypto space. Therefore, starting a cryptocurrency exchange is the ideal choice for getting into the crypto ecosystem.  Owners of a crypto exchange can generate revenue from every user in multiple ways. Basically, cryptocurrency exchanges are generating revenues in these 3 ways, 


  1. Trading fee
  2. Deposit fee
  3. Withdrawal fee


These are all 3 main ways of generating revenue from a crypto exchange business. So that is what everyone called a crypto exchange is a highly profitable business. This is the finest and most profitable business for startups who decided to start a business in the crypto space.


But before developing crypto exchange software be aware of developing companies. Because the developing market is covered by many inexperienced developing companies. To overcome these types of problems, many software providers provide crypto exchange clone scripts.


Crypto exchange clone scripts - It is a ready-made clone software of existing crypto exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, etc. It has all the features of its parent crypto exchange.  For example- Binance is one of the well-known crypto exchanges in the world. Binance clone script has all features and 100% replica of Binance. Startups could launch a crypto exchange like Binance within 5 days. The approximate cost of a crypto exchange clone script is a ½ of your estimation.


Finding one of the reliable crypto exchange clone script providers is a tedious process. You should work on which one is providing more security features and add on business modules in crypto exchange clone software. From my analysis, only a few of them provide the best crypto exchange clone scripts. Coinsclone occupies first place in my list with their impressive works. They have the best working technologies, experience, portfolio, and good reviews from clients. 


You can get a free demo from Coinsclone here - Crypto Exchange Clone Script

If you have any queries, feel free to contact their team experts via 


Mail Id: hello@coinsclone.com

Telegram: https://t.me/Coinzclone

Whatsapp: +91 9500575285

Skype: live:hello_20214


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