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Maiar v.0.2.71 (Private Beta) for Android

Lucian Todea

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Maiar v.0.2.71 (Private Beta) for Android

Please note that this is one of the first Maiar's releases and that Maiar uses for all crypto assets their corresponding Testnet, so Mainnet (real) tokens should NOT be transferred using Maiar in this phase. This also means that things may not be perfect and will improve with your feedback and support.

IMPORTANT: If you already have Maiar for Android installed, before updating , backup your recovery phrase and then update to the latest version. If the app crashes when you open it, uninstall it and do a clean install and choose the "I already have an account" option; you will need both the invite code (you still have the email, right?) and the recovery phrase.

Where to download: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.elrond.maiar.wallet

New Features

  • Hide onboarding transactions
  • Copy herotag with @
  • Add import wallet for non Maiar users
  • Copy herotag from transaction details screen
  • Show receiver address when transactions was sent to a herotag
  • Add buy page on eGold screen
  • !Buying eGold inside Maiar is disabled in this phase. It is not a bug but a security measure.

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Fix Import Wallet Wizard navigation
  • Update herotag avatar view
  • Display proper error message when creating a herotag
  • Update validate invite code screen
  • Update buy page (preselect fiat amount selector)
  • Validate invite code on onboarding
  • Add new error msg for public key and phone number not match
  • Update balance for pending transactions
  • Fix import wallet  for Maiar users
  • Fix value issues on TX details screen, for small amounts
  • Bug fixing and code improvements
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  • Lucian Todea changed the title to Maiar v.0.2.71 (Private Beta) for Android

No, the herotag once chosen cannot be changed. This is at least the default approach right now.

However, in the testing phase, we will reset a few times the database and the Testnet blockchain so you will be able to change between versions your herotags. Also, it is worth mentioning that at the public launch, we will have a fresh start so herotags used during the test phase will become available and you could chose a new one or again the old ones (if they are still available).

We are considering adding the option to add to an existing herotag, one or several aliases so that you have more options. Adding aliases might be a paid option (there are fees to interact with a Smart contract) and/or a premium option (to be decided at later stage).

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