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Maiar v.0.1.62 (Private Beta) for iOS

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Maiar v.0.1.62 (Private Beta) for iOS

Please note that this is one of the first Maiar's releases and that Maiar uses for all crypto assets their corresponding Testnet, so Mainnet (real) tokens should NOT be transferred using Maiar in this phase. This also means that things may not be perfect and will improve with your feedback and support.

IMPORTANT: If you already have Maiar for iOS installed, before updating , backup your recovery phrase and then update to the latest version. If the app crashes when you open it, uninstall it and do a clean install and choose the "I already have an account" option; you will need both the invite code (you still have the email, right?) and the recovery phrase.

Where to download: https://testflight.apple.com/join/BRfJXsQM

New Features

  • Register with phone number
  • Send crypto assets to phone contact
  • Create you own herotag to send and receive eGLD, ETH and BNB
  • Import an existing wallet (only for Maiar users for now)
  • Pull to refresh to manually get new data
  • Update balance and transaction list immediately after sending a transaction
  • Save recent contacts
  • View and save the recovery phase for you wallet
  • Create pin code, login using biometrics
  • Read news and daily digest
  • Buying eGold inside Maiar is disabled in this phase. It is not a bug but a security measure.

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Deleted contact still appears after refresh
  • Activity, coins and news tabs are hard to tap
  • Fixed an issue that could show multiple addresses for an user
  • After adding a new contact check it is Maiar user or not
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