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Cryptocurrency exchange script is decentralized and centralized exchange script which allows traders in the crypto market to trade directly with each other which means without any trusted third party processing their trades or holding their funds or escrow binded services with bitcoin escrow script to monitor the funds safely.

Crypto Exchange script accelerates peer-to-peer exchanges by P2P Exchange Script which are executed entirely by pre-programmed software, without requiring human operation or supervision.

Coinjoker offers trusted decentralized exchange script which enhances your trading experiences by directly buy and sell cryptos without need of middlemen presence.

Buy the way as an admin, you need not to store your traders cryptos and their address. So, you can free from the difficulties by our risk free p2p exchange script.

Features of P2P exchange script

Multiple Payment Options
Automated Transactions
Multi-factor Authentication
Escrow binded services
User Interface
Faster way to trade
Hassle free Crypto Swapping
Support multiple language and multiple cryptocurrencies
Accurate and Private Transaction
Real time market value
Top Notch match engine

Security Features of Decentralized Exchange Script

Secure Admin Panel
Two Factor Authentication
Multi Sig Wallet Integration
Secure Cold Wallet Storage
Anti Denial of Service (DoS)
HTTPs Authentication
Registry Lock
Secure Data Encryption
Jail login System
Email Verifications

Where to start P2P or DEX based crypto exchange platform?

If you are planning to start your p2p or dex crypto exchange, Coinjoker will guide you to start it from scratch and want to know the working and business benefits of p2p or DEX exchange model?

We are leading in providing crypto exchange development services for P2P and DEX exchange and we have immense clients all over the world.

Our white label P2P and DEX crypto exchange development solution to help you enter the crypto world in just 1 week and we offer various additional crypto development services to enrich your cryto trading which makes your exchange eligible to gain more revenue.

Get A Free Live Demo of Bitcoin Escrow Script

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  • Cryptocurrency exchange script is a ready-to-launch clone software with a similar representation of the respective original exchanges.
  • As the software is precoded it has already undergone all the development & testing processes and the software becomes bug-free.
  • The cost involved in launching a crypto exchange clone script is approximately low and it can be launched within a week.

When you launch your crypto exchange, you need to choose and stand strong with one white label crypto exchange clone script that satisfies all your business requirements. This means here you need to pick ONE out of many!! Sounds like a hectic task right? Yes, it may be difficult because there are many crypto exchange clone scripts scattered out in the market. 

To solve this, there is an easy way. Generally in this difficult situation, I would suggest every entrepreneur seek multiple choices before finalizing a particular one. If you proceed in that way, you can analyze the differences & similarities of each script and finally choose one. So, before starting your exchange business using a clone script, be aware of the recent Top 7 white label crypto exchange clone scripts. By analyzing those scripts, you can easily segregate the best crypto exchange clone script which satisfies all your business requirements.

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