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Blockchain Metaverse's Role in the Digital Transformation


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Blockchain is essential as the metaverse's skeleton, especially if the objective is to build a decentralized metaverse. There will be many different technologies employed in the multi-layered metaverse. Blockchain technology helps with problems like digital proof of ownership, collectability of digital assets (like NFTs), governance, transfer of value through cryptos, interoperability, and more in order to build a decentralized metaverse.


With the help of AR or XR technology, users will be able to access a range of interconnected virtual worlds in the metaverse. Take the multiverse games as an illustration. As users spend more time in metaverse game worlds, travel through virtual spaces, users own digital identities, and in-game assets, and participate in gaming activities, they now require a reliable currency to power their actions within the metaverse. In order for users to automate their transactions and keep track of their history, a distributed ledger system and smart contracts are also necessary. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are ideal for meeting these metaverse needs since they maintain strong security.


The metaverse, on the other hand, is a collection of numerous virtual environments and 3D objects. As a result, for a truly decentralized metaverse to operate effectively, specialized interoperable blockchains are crucial.

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