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Maiar app won't connect after QR code scan - freezes

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Several times I've tried to buy using the app, it does not connect after scanning the QR code of the receiver. It shows the Maiar (right side) of the connection, but never gets the left side of the connection. I turned off the phone and started it again (IOS) and still got the freeze. I closed Maiar and opened it again several time, still doesn't connect. Not sure what this problem is caused by.

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Same for me. It worked perfectly fine a few hours ago and I could interact normally with the BC. But now, it is impossible to reconnnect maiar to my account. 
Scan is done normally and immediatly the window on my apps is closed and an error message "wallet disconnected - please try later".
I did several attempt, I have log off/on my phone and the computer, but nothnig changed. I have repeated the process twice and still the same.
Very painfull to be 100% unable to connect your wallet, with no option than "retry later".
Ouch ....

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