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How to apply or experiment with NFTs in companies? What examples exist?


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Collectibles and Digital Art Collections. The most common application of NFTs is the creation of collectibles, similar to trading cards and their collections. Companies like SoRare or NBA Top Shots exemplify it. Mattel has announced that Mattel Creations, the company's direct-to-consumer collaboration platform, is further developing its toys as art collections to include a series of Hot Wheels-branded non-expendable tokens, the collection will kick off with three unique NFTs. Likewise, authors such as FELIPAO are creating their own digital art with a high price for their works.

Film and record productions. Many of the theatrical releases are using NFTs in their releases. 'Zero Contract', the new film by Anthony Hopkins will be Vuele's first feature film. By offering the movie as NFT, the feature will be protected from piracy and will not need to go through the usual movie distribution channels.

Registration of the intellectual property. Register thanks to NFT technology the ownership of digital assets to demonstrate the authorship or ownership of it. The registration of your trademarks, for example.

digital twin . The digital twin associates a valuable physical asset, such as a watch or sculpture, with its digital counterpart. Generates a certification that guarantees ownership of the physical asset. An example of this can be Louis Erard, a luxury watch brand that creates the digital twin of each of the watches it sells.

Royalties . With NFT technology, a transfer fee can be attached to an asset. In this way, every time it is transferred, its creator will receive monetary compensation.

Marketing and business innovation . Last year, Gucci offered Pokémon GO players the opportunity to purchase fashion items from Gucci's collaboration collection with The North Face at one of the Gucci-Poke stops. Louis Vuitton has celebrated its 200th anniversary and is paying tribute to its founder through the launch of a video game, with 30 unique NFTs created by digital artist Beeplea hidden throughout the game. Pringles has also joined the world of NFTs by launching its new flavor called “CryptoCrisp”. McDonalds has sold the McRib again, but this time in NFT format. Coca Cola held an auction of its first NFT called “ Friendship Box”, which was sold at the Open Sea Marketplace for $575,000.

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