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Features of Opensea Clone

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The Opensea clone is developed with the following features in the first line in addition various features are added to the marketplace with respect to the business idea and project requirement.

  • Multichain Interoperability - The multi-chain concept is one of the most discussed topics in the crypto sphere where the NFTs over various blockchain networks can be traded in a single platform.

  • Multiple wallets - The multiple wallet concept attracts users as the platform can afford users to use various wallets that helps in the transaction of the number of NFTs in the marketplace.

  • Effective Data - The marketplace is developed to showcase the exact data of NFTs listed in the platform from the time the NFT is minted in the blockchain network.

  • Various Payment Gateways - The platform holds the option of coming up with various payment options which include credit/debit card options with which the NFT can be traded.

  • Smart Contract Audited - The marketplace is completely smart contract audited where all the bugs are fixed and vulnerabilities are removed and prevented from invasive hack attacks.

Get the best opensea clone script from the hands of experts from Maticz, a leading blockchain development company.

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