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Initial thoughts, heroes, UI and more


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I'm copy/pasting from a few posts I wrote on Telegram.

The first thing I notice, after a few initial txs between heroes, is that it could (or should) be an extra tab in contact list for heroes that you can add by choice.

It could also have a note field on the heroes name, to remind what the connection was about.

Also, I would like to know and read up on any thoughts and plans on the UI for the Maiar app.

I have a few slight concerns that the app might be 'too much' crypto, while ordinary people just want the wallet to be their financial 'Swiss knife tool' of choice.

I've used many wallets, and it's easy for us in crypto, but for the real world adoption, I think the crypto aspect must be eased upon those without little to none knowledge of crypto.

In this, I'm eager to learn how it's connects to the traditional banking and local fiats.

Will there eventually be a banking license, or even partnership with the likes of Revolut, who actually let's me top up my local fiat from my bank totally feeless?

In the Maiar app, I believe it might be good to let several features be optional by turning them on/off in the settings, and/or maybe let people check mark which features they want to see when they initiate the wallet for the first time.

Well, this is my first thoughts. I like the looks of Maiar, and I'm thankful I can test it ūüėé

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Elrond, Moonpay plans:


At the time of writing, the Elrond wallet (web) is released with the use of Moonpay with credit card option.

This is a quote from Moonpay website, and I must say I do hope to see lower fees than this if we want everyday people, and both unbanked and unbanked people, to use this tools in large scale :


4.5 % per transaction for debit/credit cards. 1 % per transaction for bank transfers. Volume discounts are available for businesses with large payments volume or unique business models."


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Thank you Henry for sharing your thoughts. We are at the very beginning with Maiar. In terms of UI and UX you are right, there are still many things that needs to be "removed" or we need to hide; there are still features we did not yet released. 

We will start very soon a process to simplify things even more and make Maiar more easy to use for non-crypto users. The last month, and the feedback from the last waves were really mind-opening in regards with what users do and what they understand; and there is a lot of things we still need to do to in order to make Maiar usable by the regular non-crypto users.

Simplicity and clarity takes time :) But we will get there, is a process that is very rewarding if you get it right.

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Hi Lucian,

Yes, this project is definitely on the right track, and this might be the wallet to rule them all. I have strong belief in that from what I've seen so far.

Here's something I want to share and makes the basis of a regular thought process, at least as in my mind vs. the non-crypto minds.

Last weekend my closest family visited and celebrated the communion of my best friends 15 year old daughter. Needless to say (I guess), we were the only ones gifting her a little bit of BTC, and with one of these physical Bitcoin metal coins, just to have some hardware for show. I made a very brief explanation to the party of all ages, and mostly told her she should keep it for at least 2-5 years, to watch it grow. I believe none there understand what Bitcoin is, except for that they see it together with stocks  in the financial chapter in the news media, and that some cryptocurrencies are being used for criminal activities. (Like fiat is more used for that?)

This young, bright woman, which I'm the godfather for, was very happy to receive such a special and unusual gift, and she and her parents asked what the best way was to get hold of the hard asset, that btc is.

Now, at this point I told them there existed more than 100 mobile wallet apps, and that I in a short period of time would find one for her, so I could transfer the gift. I've been on the waiting list for Maiar, and yesterday got access to it. I love the on boarding and features I see in the beta, and conclude this in my Top 3 list. I want Maiar to be the no. 1 choice moving forward.

That is why I want to share what I want in a wallet, and hope to at least give my contribution in sharing these thoughts.

I use a Crypto.com card everyday, paired with the apps Revolut (for feelers fiat top ups), and Curve to juggle between my debit and credit cards, giving them all the Apple Pay feature.

For Maiar to become the one wallet to gift this btc (or sats, at least), there must be a dead easy way for people to deposit and withdraw into fiat with very, very low fees. Moonpay is the initial partner, but are they giving you (us) the best terms?

Thanks for reading. I¬†have to attend my own to daughters now. I wish a nice weekend to all ūüėä


PS. No way to edit posts here?

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On 9/26/2020 at 1:22 AM, HenryGlasou said:

In the Maiar app, I believe it might be good to let several features be optional by turning them on/off in the settings, and/or maybe let people check mark which features they want to see when they initiate the wallet for the first time.


A great idea to have a simple/full mode toggle for ultimate simplicity!

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