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EGLDUSDCF-8600f8-aa23 LP token count in Wallet not corresponding at EGLDUSDCF-8600f8-aa23 stacked on Maiar Exchange


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I am surprised to find that the value injected into the pool yesterday when EGLD was at $340 is lower than the current value in my possession while EGLD has risen to $390.

Total value in the pool yesterday : $6,263, today : $5,870...

Looking at my wallet balance, I see that the balance of EGLDUSDCF-8600f8-aa23 (Staked EGLDUSDCF for locked MEX) is different from the one displayed on Maiar Exchange.

- Balance via WebWallet: 792981964 (18digits)

- Balance via Maiar Exchange: 396400000 (18 digits)

The difference is 396581964 (18digits). Where did these tokens go?

attributes: "xxx"
balance: "792981964"
collection: "EGLDUSDCF-8600f8"
creator: "erd1qqqqqqqqqqqqqpgqsw9pssy8rchjeyfh8jfafvl3ynum0p9k2jps6lwewp"
decimals: 18
identifier: "EGLDUSDCF-8600f8-aa23"
isWhitelistedStorage: false
name: "EGLDUSDCLPStaked"
nonce: 43555
ticker: "EGLDUSDCF"
type: "MetaESDT"

On Maiar Exchange :


(≈ $844.10)
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