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Low-cost option to start an NFT marketplace like Solanart


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NFT marketplace is a website and or app where one can buy, sell, bid, and or auction NFTs, and these NFT marketplaces have been generating millions of dollars in the crypto world. One such prominent NFT marketplace is Solanart, which has been gaining users every month even with only one blockchain being integrated into it. Yes, Solanart operates on one blockchain which is what makes the transactions faster and cheaper compared to other NFT marketplaces. That’s also one of the main reasons many users are driven to platforms like Solanart. 

As an NFT marketplace like Solanart is gaining popularity because of its user-friendly features, many entrepreneurs are trying their way to start an NFT marketplace like Solanart.  

But how to start an NFT marketplace like Solanart?

Many assume that starting an NFT marketplace requires a high investment, but it is only for the traditional software development method, not the clone script method. 

As mentioned, there are two methods to make an NFT marketplace

  • Developing from Scratch
  • Using a Solanart clone script 

The Scratch method is a high investment method to start an NFT marketplace like Solanart. The Scratch method means you have to start everything from scratch, you can either code the entire app by yourself or hire blockchain developers. Either way, it takes almost a year and a half to complete the development of the marketplace. Other than development tasks you have to coordinate and manage the developers by yourself until you complete the NFT marketplace. Not finished yet, so after completion, you have to hire testers to test run your marketplace before deploying them. Approximately it costs around $100k - $ 300k to create an NFT marketplace by the scratch method. 

Then comes the Solanart clone script method, so a Solanart clone script is a pre-made software integrated with the features of the Solanart NFT marketplace. This way you can create an NFT marketplace like Solanart without any copyright infringement. Additionally, you can customize the Solanart clone to your choice and preference. With the benefits of customizing the clone script, you can include your own business ideas and modules, and add and or remove the features in it. 
Now the cost part, so overall you can never be sure of the cost to develop an NFT marketplace but the cost of the Solanart clone script is only $6k - $ 12k. It still costs you less than the scratch method even with additional charges for customization. 

Now that you know how to invest, you need to know where to get the best Solanart clone script? 

Speaking about the clone script, there is n number of script providers are there in the market, and segregating the top ones from them is a difficult task. To ease the task, I did some analysis and found CoinsQueens as a promising clone script provider among others. CoinsQueens has a high rating for almost all NFT marketplace clone scripts as they have been yielding great results in all their projects. You can talk and consult with their blockchain experts or get a FREE DEMO of the Solanart clone script through WhatsApp, mail, or telegram.

Whatsapp @ +918754053377
Telegram @ Coinsqueens
Mail: sales@coinsqueens.com
Skype: live:.cid.2c9e7bb84396db52

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