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It is quite necessary to understand DeFi lending platforms to participate in and even requires keeping a consistent eye on changing trends. Now, the question is which are the ones to keep a look at this year, so here are the top 5 platforms -

AAVE - AAVE is an Ethereum-based open source and is quite popular as a lending-borrowing platform with a TVL of around $12B.

Maker - Maker is quite popular as Multi-Collateral DAI which also is built on Ethereum and lenders are required to deposit some crypto assets as collateral. 

Compound - Being an Ethereum- based protocol, Compound works on tokenization for the assets kept as collateral by the users.

InstaDApp - InstaDApp is a multi-purpose platform providing users with a smart wallet and one-click switching facility to switch among rates.

dYdX - dYdX is a non-custodial trading platform which provides loans on 125% collateral and 115% self-liquidation.


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