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Create your own NFT Horse Racing Game Like Zed Run


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Zed run is an  NFT Based Horse Racing Game that holds good value and demand in the NFT Marketplace. Are you ready to create your own NFT Horse Racing Game Like Zed Run?

Bitdeal Provides One stop solution to create your own NFT Horse Racing Game Like Zed Run Using Zed Run Clone Script with unique features based on your business needs.

Components of Bitdeal’s Zed Run Clone Script 

Script Type: NFT Marketplace Script
Platform Type: Digital Horse Racing
Version Update : Zed Run Clone Script V1 (Updated in 2021)
Blockchain Network : Polygon/Matic (Customizable)
Special Features: Breeding & Racing and also based on your requirements.

Specialties of Our Zed Run Clone Script
Different steps of Classes
Referral Dashboard for Stable Owners
Support for Hardware Wallets
Decentralized Lending
Automated Racing
Options to bet on Races
Creating races on own
Referral Program
Tournaments Fixing
Reduced Gas Fee
NFT Marketplace
Matic Breeding & Purchasing
Scheduled Racing 
3D Racing and more.

For Free Demo

To Reach Our Experts Via:

Call/WhatsApp - +91 96775 55651
Mail - Sales@bitdeal.net

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