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Newbie to Farming and Newbie to Maiar need some help and or guidance


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Let me start by saying I joined and starting farming without experience. This is the 2nd exchange I joined. My first being crypto.com ( There I just staked some CRO and I am re-staking my earnings in DEFI wallet.) 


Here at Maiar I started to farm probably because I read a lot about it and wanted to try it. However I bought my EGLD when it was highest at about $550 each token. I think I purchased about 6 EGLD when i started.

I enclosed a screenshot of my farming and I guess I wont be able to get back (earn back my EGLD) in anytime soon. I am thinking with my current position I will be in for longer term farming. I am also still unclear what exactly it means to earn back my EGLD. 

I am still unclear as to how I can convert what I have in the farm back to ELGD so at some point I can remove it to sell at some point. I could sure use some information and or any help would be greatly appreciated.  
I also have about .6 EGLD left in my wallet

farming nov 2021.jpg

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Hi Eric,

I'm also new to this farming stuff, I recommend watching this guy on YouTube, channel name "save with crypto" puts out daily updates and info for Maiar Farming showing various strategies and techniques. Its helped me a lot with it:classic_cool:

YouTube Link to one of his videos:


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