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Passphrase recovery password

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Hi guys,


having just gone through the recovery process on iOS 0.1.82 I think there is a potential problem with setup of recovery password for iOS iCloud pass phrases.

Whilst I appreciate there is a small warning attached to this screen, I think there is a serious likelihood that retail users will pass through here too quickly and not store their password correctly.

I know I have been caught out with not writing down app passwords in the past.

Given the consequences of getting this wrong, I would suggest an explainer screen before password creation to force the user to stop and take note.

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One thing i did in an app i built for private clients was to encrypt an image of a special bit of info, and stored it as such that only they could unlock it.  This may seem silly but the idea of writing it down then snapping a pic and storing it encrypted might be a unique feature.

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@drew..if I understand it correctly, you say that we could have an option to store, in Maiar, an encrypted image of the written down recovery phrase? 

So the user writes on a piece of paper the recovery phrase, then in Maiar takes a picture of it, and we will encrypt it and store it on our servers for restoring later?

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