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Inconsistent behavior trying to send BTC from Maiar


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I was trying to send bitcoin to an external wallet (is it that possible?) and I've noticed this:

1) if I save a BTC address in my contact from QR code, it is shown full LOWERCASE, even if it was a case sensitive address like: 3HrW9rV2fXj48sMBrRgrWzoMapjWAjmb5G

2) If i try to send to that address from the Maiar BTC wallet I get "invalid address"... but if I go in the contact, slide that same address left and hit send, in this way I DON'T get any "invalid address" message

So, is it possible to send BTC to external wallets?

Either way, the behavior should be consistent, independently if I first click send and then I select the address (1st pic), or if I select the address first and then click send (2nd pic).



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Some more details:

1) the address gets lowercase even if I paste the address in the newly created contact (it's not QR code related)

2) if I try to send straight to that same the address by pasting it (without picking it from the contacts), then it allows me to sign the transaction

Very inconsistent behavior, I don't understand which is the bug and which is the feature.....

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