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Funds never arrived from Binance to maiar web wallet


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Hello everyone ! 

I would like to ask, I have withdrew a small amount of Egld from Binance to the maiar web wallet but the funds never arrived. 


I checked in the block explorer but everything seems to have worked correctly, see below: 


6 hours 3 minutes 11 seconds ago (Wed, 15 Dec 2021 09:45:48 GMT)

(Shard 2)


Is there something that I didn't do correctly ? 


Thanks a lot in advance for any help. 





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Hello, Normally Binance crypto are wrapped crypto.

For example if you have bought ETH on Binance it wouldn t be real ETH, but wrapped ETH which is not recognized by ETH main net,

I think you bought wrapped EGLD from binance and send it to maiar, funds may have been lost.

Do you have the bscscan explorer url of your transaction?


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Hi Cacolac, 


Thank you for you reply. 


I tried copy/pasting the txnHash in the search bar of Bscan but nothing came up. 


It's crazy that you can't just send Egld to your wallet from biance, I was unaware of that info. Good thing I just sent 1€ worth of EGLD to try it out. 


Is there a way to "unwrap" my egld so I can send them to the maiar exchange ? I was thinking to send them to trust wallet and from there to swap them to normal EGLD would that work ? 


Thanks a lot in advance.





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