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Meta information when sending/requesting a payment

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I haven't been fortunate enough yet to beta-test the application. Therefore I might be suggesting an idea/request which will be implemented anyhow (which actually would be great!).

In Switzerland we widely use a banking application called 'Twint'. It's quite nice but Switzerland-only and most importantly not on the blockchain. The nice part however: it allows you to add a short message or image when you request or send money. This is a very useful feature as I can explain why I send money (f.ex. 'title of a special book') or why someone would request money (f.ex. see 'photo of restaurant receipt'). Now, of course this particular information should stay private to the involved parties only and not become readable on the blockchain .. technically that shouldn't be an issue I believe.


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Yes indeed this a nice feature. Of course the privacy is a concern since it involved blockchain but there are ways to do it. 

Would you prefer the optional message to be on blockchain (encrypted so no one can read it) but increasing a little bit the fee or to be saved in centralized way (in a database)?

Curios to know your thoughts on this.

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Hi Lucian,

I don't know how fee-sensitive using additional bytes on the blockchain is.

If this meta-information can be encrypted and stored on the blockchain without noticeably increasing the fee, then using the blockchain instead of central database would be the preferred solution. If the fee increases however noticeably, either a dynamic network algorithm could average the fees between empty and used message-field payments of all users. Or else, depending on your simulations, the implementation indeed needs to go towards the database option. 

In any case I would recommend to limit the size of the message-field (f.ex. max. 50 characters, autom. image resizing) and avoid situations where users get confused seeing too different fees, it would hurt efforts towards mass adoption.


FYI, I attach a screenshot of the Twint-UI as an example where you see (a) the amount, (b) to whom you send, (c) the message field (picture icon allows you to select from existing pictures or to open your camera), (d) selection from which account you pay.


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